Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have another question? Call our Express team at 604.630.3154 or email them at


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and some visa debit cards will work as well. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept cash, debit or cheques.


Are the same products available online and in-store?

Although the majority of the products available online are available in-store, we cannot guarantee that because a product is online, that it will be available at either of our retail locations. There are also some products available in-store that are not available online.


Can I use my Stong's Rewards Card or my Stong's Gift Cards online?

Unfortunately, at this time our Rewards Card and our Gift Cards will only work in-store. Although our customers are not able to collect points online, we do offer a unique program online that's not available in-store and is actually worth more than the 1% in rewards points.
We offer an online school rebate program where we donate 4% of the order to the school of your choice. If you have a particular school you would like to have us donate to, during the checkout process, if you choose a school where it says 'Choose a school for our rebate program' we will donate 4% of your order to that school. This is located on the same page as where choose the date and time of the order.
In 2017 we had to increase our delivery fees because of the rising costs of fuel and labour but even after raising the delivery fees, the fee doesn't cover the entire expense of processing and delivering an order. Part of the decision of the raising the delivery fee to the amount that we did was based on online orders not receiving rewards points and that for many years, we've been donating a portion of the online orders to local schools. This way our customers benefit from a lower delivery fee and can continue to donate a portion of their order to help build our local community.  


Where can I find the items from the flyer?

If you click on the ’Specials’ page, it will show you all the items on sale this week including the items from the flyer.


Where do I schedule my delivery?

Once you have all your items added to your cart, simply click on the cart icon in the top right of the screen.

If everything looks correct, click the green ‘Checkout’ button.

After confirming your delivery information you will have the option to choose from the available delivery times in your area.


Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, our current minimum shopping amount is $50.00 not including taxes, fees and delivery charge.


Can I register several delivery addresses?

At this time your profile will only store 1 primary delivery and billing address but you can choose to enter a different address during the checkout process. 


Can I change my delivery time/address after I’ve ordered?

Absolutely! Please call or email our express staff as soon as possible as your order is immediately sent to our team. 604.630.3154 or


What if I’m not satisfied with a product?

Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any product in your order, please call our express department at 604.630.3154 and a representative will be happy to assist you. Credit for returned items will be applied to your account.


What does delivery cost for an online order?

We charge $10.99 for delivery to Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. For Bowen Island, the delivery fee is 14.99.


What does a pick order cost?

We charge $4.99 for our pickup service with an order minimum of $50 before taxes, deposits and pickup fee. 


Why is there only an estimated total?

Because there can be small variances with weighed items, your order total is an estimated cost. When you order we preauthorize your credit card for the estimated total of your cart plus 20% to allow for such possible adjustments on weighed items. The final charge to your credit card will occur the day of delivery, and will only be for goods actually received.

Every effort is made by your personal shopper to get weighed items as close to the ordered amount as possible.


What is a Swap Buffer?

We add a 20% ‘buffer’ to the preauthorization on your card which allows you to add a few items to your order after it’s submitted or with your permission, we'll sometimes swap out items in your order that have become unavailable. This is not a fee, in the end you will only be billed for the items you have received.


Do you charge for bags?

We try not to use bags when packaging an order unless specially requested. If needed we offer paper bags for 0.15 each or plastic bags at 0.05 each.